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The Trusted Directory Services Management Team

Trusted Directory Services (TDS) prides itself on being able to respond to complex technical enquiries, whilst being fully experienced in dealing with the demands and cost constraints of Local Authority and non-profit organisations.

TDS has been delivering bespoke technical solutions for over 10 years. From web-based review directories across the UK and USA, to fully managed Trading Standards Trusted Trader schemes.

Steve Richardson - Managing Director
Steve Richardson - Managing Director
Following a 12 year career in the Royal Air Force, Steve left to join IBM e-business as a technical consultant, before starting his own business in 2005.

He is comfortable talking at all levels, both technical and executive, providing reassurance and practical common sense strategic solutions.

Paul Perrins - Chief Developer
Paul Perrins - Chief Developer
With over 25 years' technical design and engineering experience, Paul has a passion for database design, security and complex solutions.

With previous employers such as the BBC and many Local Authority projects completed, any technical requirements will be in the safest of hands.

Angela Higley - Marketing Manager
Angela Higley - Marketing Manager
Angela has had a solid 20 year career in marketing spanning the banking industry to heading up the communications team at UK awarding body OCR.

She is responsible for all aspects of on and offline marketing, from organising the creation of Trusted Trader welcome packs, to full promotional press and radio launches.