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1. Edinburgh Trusted Trader scheme

Edinburgh Trusted Trader Website

Edinburgh Trusted Trader
The City of Edinburgh Council wanted to implement an official Trading Standards Trusted Trader scheme. Working with the Council and local Trading Standards, as well as liaising with other Trusted Trader schemes, we devised a user-friendly mobile responsive design website. It also incorporates a back administration area for Trading Standards officers to efficiently process Trader applications as they progress through the vetting process.

TDS also set up and took charge of the social media accounts related to the scheme, as well as working in conjunction with the Council marketing team to launch the scheme to Edinburgh residents. The scheme was launched at no cost to the Council, funded by membership fees, with cost recovery paid to Trading Standards for their part in the vetting process. Day-to-day administration and initial dispute resolution is handled by TDS with a set escalation path to Trading Standards.

This approach maximises the efficiency of local Trading Standards, removing administrative burden whilst promoting a vital service to residents that is recognised by Police Scotland and local housing and residents' associations.

Testimonial: Colin Baxter
Licensing and Trading Standards Manager, The City of Edinburgh Council

"The City of Edinburgh Council needed a simple to navigate and easy to administer online trader directory scheme for residents. The TDS team delivered over and above what was expected. The site is extremely well presented, intuitive for our residents and straightforward for our staff to administer. The support we have received has been outstanding, they're very flexible, listen and respond to requirements and are always available when needed.

We've had extremely positive feedback for the online trader directory as well as for the offline Trader materials and scheme management. I look forward to working with TDS over the coming years to grow the Edinburgh Trusted Trader scheme."

2. Trading Standards Institute Consumer Code Directory

The Trading Standards Institute (now Chartered Trading Standards Institute) inherited the Consumer Codes Approval Scheme (CCAS) from the Office of Fair Trading. The CCAS aims to bolster consumer protection and improve customer service standards by the approval and promotion of codes of practice, whilst promoting customer service. Approved traders and members of approved code sponsors are allowed to display the approved code logo.

As part of this transfer from the OFT, we were asked to create a modern, searchable members directory that could be displayed on the TSI website, the Citizen Advice Guide website as well as be promoted more commercially to give traders more exposure.

Our My Local Services directory brand was chosen to help promote the scheme from 2012 until 2017. Utilising separate databases, we were able to isolate approved data, allowing that to be shown on a specially designed search functionality on the Trading Standards website, as well as the Citizen Advice Guide website. Individual Code Sponsors were given specifically designed back administration areas allowing them to quickly and efficiently upload their approved members as well perform membership administration.

Testimonial: Sarah Langley
Former Service Director, Chartered Trading Standards Institute

"The Consumer Code Directory was delivered on time, within budget, including a training timetable and support for Code Sponsors who were being moved to the new scheme. All against a backdrop of an aggressive migration schedule.

Multiple post launch requests and changes have been dealt with efficiently showing a very flexible and professional approach to design and support requests."

3. Yext, Global Directory and Data provider

Yext Website

Yext Inc
Yext lets companies manage their digital presence in online maps, directories and apps. Over 400,000 businesses make millions of monthly updates across 90+ exclusive global partners, including the My Local Services brand which is managed by TDS, making Yext the global market leader. To allow businesses to make these real-time updates, we connected both our USA and UK directories to multiple complex APIs which allow updates and edits to our databases, whilst ensuring we automatically de-dupe records to ensure data quality and integrity.

Our developers worked with the Yext engineers over a number of weeks setting up and testing the new systems, which were installed and up and running without any major issues. The APIs have been running without any issue since going live in 2014.

Testimonial: Tyler Donahue
Business Development Manager, Yext Inc

"The implementation was painless, and we were very impressed with the technical team who quickly absorbed and understood the requirements. The project has been flawless since it went live."